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Top Halal Pizza Toppings

Not surprisingly, the top toppings to put on a Downers Grove Halal pizza are exactly the same as the other favorite toppings around the world. While pizza has already been declared the world’s most perfect and favorite food, the choice of toppings doesn’t seem to vary too much from city to city, state to state, or even country to country. Block Pizza Café in Downers Grove has revealed the favorite toppings of the one food that everyone loves. 

Pepperoni – We bet you guessed this one pretty easy. Yes, that’s right, pepperoni is by far and away the number one topping of choice. Seriously, can anyone argue with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? We won’t. Spicy, meaty, and the ideal texture for a pizza topping, pepperoni reigns supreme. Our Halal certified pepperoni is made from beef and so delicious, you won’t notice a difference. 

Sausage – If you aren’t laying pepperoni on your pizza,  then you’re likely piling it high with sausage. It’s actually been put on pizza longer than pepperoni has and contains  many complex flavors including red pepper and fennel. Block Pizza Café has our own Halal certified Italian beef sausage that is out of this world and will satisfy any meat craving you may have.

Bacon –
The parade of carnivores continues with Block Pizza Café’s Halal beef bacon. Over the past couple of decades, bacon has made its way off of the breakfast table and into just about every meal where flavor is a necessity. Bacon brings a crispy texture and the divine smell to any pizza, which is why it has made its way into the top five of all-time favorite toppings.

Onions – A vegetable finally breaks into the list of favorite pizza toppings. Small, crunchy, zesty, and salty, onions give a pizza an unusual sweetness that can’t be beat. When cooked, the natural sugars in onions compliment just about any other topping you can think of to put on your pizza. Block Pizza Café in Downers Grove has both freshly diced red onions and sliced green onion for your favorite pizza.

Mushrooms – Earthy and bold, mushrooms seem to make their way onto more pizzas than a lot of other veggies. Many times, mushrooms take the place of the meat for many of our vegetarian pizza lovers. When added with other veggies like garlic and onions, mushrooms can bring an exuberant life to an otherwise bland pizza.

Peppers – Hot Giardinara peppers, red and green peppers, diced banana peppers, and fresh sliced jalapeno peppers; there’s no shortage of one of our most popular ingredients here at Block Pizza Café. Crispy, sweet, spicy or both, peppers add a snap of texture to any pizza with any other combination of toppings.

These are just the most popular toppings for the average pizza lover in America. We understand there’s a lot more toppings and we keep our café well stocked with all of your favorites. Call us today for a fresh pie with your favorite Halal ingredients.