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Dilemma: You Love Halal Ingredients but are Travelling

December 4, 2015

If you’ve been to Block Pizza in Downers Grove, then you’re likely a regular. Judging by our surge popularity, it means we’re doing something right. You know we have the finest, best tasting halal ingredients in Illinois, and you keep coming back for more. But what about those times you have to leave the state on business or vacation? It can be a difficult task trying to find the best restaurants with halal ingredients. For those times you can’t stop by or call Block Pizza Café because you’re travelling the country, here are a few places you can check out while you’re on the road.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lets be honest, if you’re going to Philadelphia then you want to find the best cheesesteak in town. With over six million people in the City of Brotherly Love, they were bound to develop a halal food scene. Enter 7 Seas Seafood/Broad Street Cheesesteaks, Nanee’s Kitchen, and Saad’s Halal Restaurant. All of these establishments up north can provide you with the halal sustenance you need to survive the cold winters and make the hot summers more bearable.

  • Atlanta, Georgia: A thriving Muslim community has made Atlanta a hot spot for some of the best halal food in the south. Culinary experts have taken halal ingredients and incorporated them into American cuisine as opposed to Middle Eastern or other types of food more commonly associated with halal. Shujaa’s BBQ, Famous Sharky Seafood & Company, and Karachi Broast & Grill will have exactly what you need to satisfy your taste for southern goodness but with the styles conducive to the Muslim diet.

  • New York City, New York: Trying to pick the best halal restaurants in New York is like asking which NYC establishment has the best slice of pizza (that’s easily answered in Downers Grove, it’s Block Pizza Café, of course). Being the ethnically diverse urban area in the world, almost half of New York’s population is foreign-born. There are probably as many halal eateries in New York as there are in the rest of the United States. And possibly Canada. If you happen to be close to Shalimar BBQ & Curry House or Kabab Paradise II, we highly recommend you stopping in for a bite of the kind of food you can only find in New York City.

  • Washington DC: America’s capital has one of the premier food scenes in the world. With so many power players, politicians, and lobbyists, it isn’t difficult to understand why it has some of the most famous restaurants and eating establishments. People with money like to eat. Like most major American cities, Washington DC has a bustling Muslim community. Places like New Dynasty, Kabob Palace, and Busboys & Poets will fulfill your halal needs when you can’t eat at Block Pizza Café.


We here Block Pizza love seeing our repeat customers, but we also understand circumstances will lead you away from us from time to time. When you have to travel, we hope you’re able to find an adequate substitute from your favorite Downers Grove pizza place.