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Host a Pizza Party for Your Child at Block Pizza

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October 21, 2015

Do you have a child whose birthday is coming up? If you do, chances are you’ve been scouring the internet and losing hours to Pinterest trying to come up with the perfect theme, decorations, food, and gifts to celebrate your sweet bundle of joy’s big day. But there’s also a good chance all that planning combined with your already busy schedule is making you feel a little overwhelmed and stressed out.


Your child’s birthday should be all about having fun and that includes fun for the parents. Yes, it is possible for adults to have fun at a kids birthday party. Instead of crafting an elaborate birthday party that costs and arm and a leg and that will be quickly forgotten, here are six reasons why you can give your child the birthday party they won’t forget by throwing a pizza party in Downers Grove.

  1. Kids love pizza. Who are we kidding, everybody loves pizza, but have you ever met a kid who didn’t like pizza? Pizza is one of the most kid-friendly foods that even the pickiest of eaters will happily gobble down. We can tailor each pizza to all of your guests specific dietary restrictions - got a vegetarian in the group? No problem. Have a few kiddos that are gluten free? We’ve got you covered. Hosting a pizza party is a fun, delicious and practical way to meet everyone’s needs!

  1. A perfect casual atmosphere. Pizza joints were meant for fun. Birthday parties are definitely meant for fun. The crowd at Block Pizza, your local Downers Grove pizza restaurant, is going to be more than welcoming to a large group of kids laughing and having fun over pizza. In fact, the giggles and excited conversations between the kids will only add to the fun ambiance of the restaurant.

  1. Pizza building is fun! When you host your child’s next birthday party at Block Pizza, instead of ordering a few large pizzas to share you can opt for the individual-sized Kids Pizza. This way each child can choose their own favorite toppings to build their own special pizza. Kids love being given the opportunity to choose their own pizza adventure which make the individual pizzas a great party activity, leaving you one less thing you have to plan.

  1. Minimal decorations needed. Birthday parties hosted at a restaurant don’t require nearly the amount of decorations as a party hosted at home. A few balloons and a banner are more than enough to make your designated area feel festive. This means you’ll have more time and funds to come up with fun goodie bags or activities that the whole group can enjoy together. And come on, what kid wouldn’t prefer a little treat bag over elaborate decorations?!?

  1. No cooking or cleanup. This might be the best aspect of all for the parents out there! When planning a party for a bunch of youngsters, the amount of cooking required can be overwhelming. Add to that the clean-up required once the party winds down, and you’re faced with a pretty big job. Have your kids pizza party at Block Pizza and leave the cooking and the cleaning to our friendly staff so that you can be a part of the birthday fun.


When it comes to making birthday memories, less stress definitely equals more fun for everyone. Your local pizza restaurant is a great place for both children and adults to come have fun and celebrate a birthday and at Block Pizza we’ve got you covered! We even have dessert options with our giant cookies and brownies. So check out our menu, write up those invitations, and call Block Pizza today to make your reservation.