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Stay Healthy When Ordering Pizza in Downers Grove

Grabbing pizza for lunch or dinner with family, friends, or coworkers is practically an American tradition. Pizza is a universally loved food that most people can agree on and is often the sustenance of choice for any number of life events, such as bribery for moving, birthday parties, sporting events, and countless Saturday night dates. However, pizza can sometimes get a bad rap as a food people consider to be a splurge when dieting. And while an extra-cheese meat lover’s pizza isn’t going to win any diet-friendly awards, that doesn’t mean you can’t have pizza in Downers Grove if you’re watching what you eat. Many aspects of pizza fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. Next time you go out for pizza, follow these guidelines and you won’t even have to feel guilty about feeding your craving.
Start with Red Sauce
Classic red sauce on pizza is a great place to start when building a healthy pie because it’s basically just a whole bunch of tomatoes and seasonings cooked down until the deliciousness has intensified. And besides, how can you go wrong with the most classic of pizza sauces?
Easy on the Cheese
The easiest and fastest way to save a few calories when ordering pizza is to go halfsies on the cheese. A little cheese is really all that is needed to create that melty goodness everyone loves on a pizza. If you want to bump up the flavor a bit, opt for a stronger cheese like parmesan or feta. Just a sprinkle really kicks the flavor up a notch without piling on the calories.
Bring on the Veggies
Everyone knows vegetables are a healthy diet staple. And there’s no better way to eat your veggies than by putting them on top of a delicious pizza. Vegetables are very low in calories and add a bunch of flavor, so you can pile them on your next Downers Grove pizza and feel good about it.
Careful with Meat
While pepperoni is considered the quintessential pizza topping, it might not be the most ideal meat choice for those on a health kick. Block Pizza uses only halal certified ingredients and uses beef instead of pork to make their tasty pepperoni. It’s a much better bet when trying to create a pizza that works with your healthy diet. Luckily, it’s also delicious.
Top with Herbs
Herbs and spices are a clear winner when it comes to adding tons of flavor without increasing the calorie count. A sprinkle of basil leaves is a classic pizza topping that adds a good amount of bright, fresh flavor. Chopped garlic is also perfect for adding a bit of savory zest that will make your pizza feel more indulgent than it is.
Watch Your Portions
And finally, even though pizza tends to be so delicious that you don’t ever want it to end, as with all foods, moderation is key. Go for a slice or two tops and complement your meal with a delicious side salad topped with a vinaigrette dressing. Because the only thing that doesn’t go well with quality pizza is a side of guilt.
No matter what pizza you choose, Block Pizza is always a healthy choice. All of our delicious pizzas made with halal certified ingredients and packed with flavor. Give us a call to order some great Neapolitan pizza in Downers Grove today!