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6 Reasons You Should Get Pizza in Downers Grove

Pizza is generally accepted to be everyone’s favorite food because no matter what your food preferences are everyone can always find a pizza to love.
Because pizza is one of the greatest foods available, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a perfectly good reason to go out for a quality pizza dinner. But just in case you find yourself struggling to come up with one on your own, we’ve come up with six solid reasons that you should get pizza in Downers Grove.
1.It’s Monday - Mondays are notoriously rough. That first day back into the office after a weekend always seems to drag by much slower than it ought to. But do you know what would help? If you had something to look forward to after work. Make a plan to go out for pizza with some friends. Because anything that makes a Monday more bearable is a good thing.
2.It’s Friday - You made it through the week! What could be more cause for celebration than the start of another glorious weekend? Maybe you should get your coworkers together to decompress from the week you just shared. Or perhaps you just want to grab a pizza and head home to sweats and Netflix. Either way, pizza is the perfect way to start the weekend.
3.Your friends miss you - Has it been awhile since you’ve caught up with your friends? Commenting on their Instagram or Facebook posts doesn’t count, either. Whether it’s been a couple weeks or a couple days, meeting up with friends is always a good idea. And pizza is the perfect low-key evening everyone loves.
4.You don’t want to dirty (or clean) your kitchen - If you just cleaned your kitchen you know the last thing you want to do is get in there and dirty things up again just to make dinner. On the other hand, if you’re sink is full of dirty dishes, why would you want to add more pots and pans to that mess? It’s definitely best to leave the kitchen the way it is and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning for an evening.
5.You’ve earned it - Maybe work’s been extra tough lately. Maybe you’ve been cramming for exams at school. Or maybe you’ve been busy taking kids to doctor’s appointments, soccer practice, and sleepovers. Regardless of what’s been keeping you busy, you’ve been working hard. Which means you’ve earned a night out (or in) with a delicious pizza.
6.It’s pizza - Who doesn’t love pizza? And really, if you can’t think of an excuse to go out for one of the most perfect foods on the planet then you really aren’t trying hard enough.
It doesn’t matter what reason you go with. Just know that pizza is always the answer. Check out the Block Pizza menu. We’ve got enough toppings to let you create the perfect combination for the night ahead. Or, if you’re overwhelmed by the options, go with one of our Signature Pizzas. And don’t forget the garlic knots!

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