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What is a Halal Certified Ingredient

Halal, which means permissible in Arabic, certified ingredients are made according to Islamic laws and guidelines and are acceptable to be eaten by Muslims. Many people have heard of halal foods, but don’t know the actual guidelines and benefits of the diet. Here are a couple of the main halal food rules:
  • Animals must be slaughtered in a specific way
  • Animals must have been vegetarian fed
  • Halal food does not contain pork or any pork products
  • No food is prepared with or contains alcohol
  • There is no presence of blood or blood by-products in ingredients
  • Allah (God’s) name must be pronounced during the slaughter of an animal
  • For meat to be considered halal it must not come from a forbidden cut or animal – mainly the meat cannot be pork or come from an animals hind quarters
Aside from following halal guidelines due to a particular religious beliefs, there are many health benefits to following a halal diet. Excluding pork products eliminates a large amount of saturated fat and cholesterol from the common American diet. Also, because the halal method for preparing an animal for slaughter includes draining the blood from the animal’s body the meat is less susceptible to putrefaction and is actually more tender and healthier. The absence of blood in the meat makes it more hygienic and it stays fresh longer.

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