About Block Pizza

Block Pizza is the brain child of three brothers. The Doctors, as we call them (they are actually doctors), were always looking for American style pizza that was Halal certified and actually tasted great. Unable to find anything that satisfied their needs, they hatched out the idea of having their own pizza place late one night sitting at the kitchen table.

They wanted the pizza they sold to be true to the Neapolitan style pizza; - Great crust with fresh ingredients. They also wanted people to be able to get it fast, five minutes or less. On top of all these requirements, it had to be Halal certified for the local Muslim community to enjoy. Oh, it also had to have the best beef pepperoni around so the rest of the community would not be able to tell the difference between it and pepperoni you get at every other pizza joint. We needed to do delivery and our guest needed to be able to see where their delivery driver (and their pizza) was in relation to their home from a smartphone!

Through a lot of work of a lot of people, this discussion has become a reality. Come in and see for yourself or order a pizza on-line and you will be able to see and track your pizza to your home or place of business right from your phone. And whether you’re dietary needs require a Halal certification or not, the pizza you receive from Block Pizza will be one of the best Neapolitan pizzas you have eaten. If not, let one of the Doctors know so they can make it right!

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